An open-source proximity tagging solution with a goal to bring affordable and easy proximity tagging to the world.

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Why ProxLogs?

Small & light

The ProxLogs logger can be as light as 0.8g while still being able to operate for weeks depending on the resolution. Track small animals with unparalleled resolution.

Ultra low power

ProxLogs is built upon Nordic's ultra-lowpower nRF52 chipset. This allows both loggers and gateways to run on extremely small batteries, making off-the-grid experiments a breeze.

Easy to use

ProxLogs is controlled by your smartphone. Take your phone out of your pocket and tweak some parameters on the fly, or access/analyze gathered data remotely.

100% Mobile

Always have the full status of your experiment in your pocket. With the ProxLogs app you can monitor your study while also tweaking parameters on the fly.


By using Bluetooth Low Energy in both the contact-logging and gateway communication, your smartphone is able to communicate with every aspect of the ProxLogs system. You can directly connect to a specific logger to configure parameters or connect to the mastergateway to get analytics on your experiment.

Remotely access data without disturbing the tagged animals. The gateway can be accessed from 50 meters through Bluetooth.


In a nutshell

The concept behind ProxLogs is relatively simple. Loggers periodically send out messages while simultaneously listening for these messages. By keeping track of when, from which logger and at what signal strength a message was received, proximity data slowly accumulates on the logger. When a gateway detects a logger, the proximity data is downloaded from the logger and stored onto an SD-card.

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Where engineering meets ecology...

ProxLogs is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between EVECO and IDLab, two research groups from the University of Antwerp.

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